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Download my cheat sheet, 7 Steps & 21 Days to Becoming a Bartender (It's FREE), and discover the secrets I use in my course that have helped hundreds of my students earn MILLIONS of dollars in tips collectively.

Inside You Will Discover:
  • The EXACT same steps my students use to go from minimum wage to $60/hr. in 21 days or less.
  • The behind-the-scenes, 21-Day Plan broken down so you can see the actions you'll be taking on a daily basis.
  • Why TheRealBarcourse outperforms bartending schools and other online courses by a WIDE margin.
  • How you can start making a lot of money within 3 weeks, even if you have ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE.
"(Dave) is the Tony Robbins of bartender know how. Just do what he says and you'll be making a lot of money in a very short amount of time."
Justin M.
The Horned Frog

Who is TheRealBarman?

Dave Allred has been in the bar business for more than 25 years, as a busser, server, bartender, bar manager, blogger, author and bar consultant, helping thousands of people become bartenders and dozens of bar owners run a better bar.

Dave spends his time writing, running his Bar Patrol consulting business, coaching his kids in basketball, admiring his gorgeous wife and trying to understand why they have a cat instead of a dog.

"TheRealBarcourse blows it out of the water. It has videos, it has skills training and the plan lays everything out perfectly. It got me off my butt and made me go for it. I got my interview on Day 18 and was officially hired on Day 23. Un-freakin-believable!"

-Robert L. - Jake's Bar & Grill
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